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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

6.00 The Middle
Frankie forces Axl to think about the future as the PSATs approach, which he hasn't begun to prepare for; Sue strives to be a part of a school activity which leads her to try out for cheerleading; Mike finds out that Brick has a bully at school.

6.30 The Middle
During a cleaning frenzy to get the trash to the garbage truck, Frankie accidentally scratches Brick's arm with a bottle, and his stories at school cause a social worker to be sent out to look into the matter; Bob helps Mr. Ehlert shoot a commercial.

7.00 Two and a Half Men
Charlie begins dating Jake's teacher after Jake is threatened with suspension when he flips her off in class, but Charlie becomes unsure of the situation when she becomes dramatically clingy and overbearing, so he breaks it off and chaos ensues.

7.30 Two and a Half Men
Charlie and Chelsea officially set their wedding date; Alan and Charlie go out on the town to celebrate, only to get so drunk that they awaken the next morning confused as to why the two of them and a strange woman are in the same bed.

8.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
In the latest incident in a series of church fires that are clearly related to acts of arson, a church worker is found dead and detectives manage to trace all of the evidence at hand back to dysfunctional family members.

9.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
After a womanizing doctor dies in a motorcycle accident, an investigation by Detective Logan and Detective Wheeler into his many conquests leads to the discovery of a video tape containing a teacher's affair with her under-aged student.

10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
After discovering that a judge has been shot during an investigation into the sexual assault and murder of his 16-year-old stepdaughter, the detectives begin to look into the whereabouts of the free convicts that the justice had sent to prison.

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