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Sunday, April 20, 2014

5.00 The Haunted Mansion
A workaholic real estate agent accepts an invitation to bring his family to a spooky, dilapidated mansion, but he and his kids soon find themselves aiding the house's ghost population in order to save his wife from the master's amorous advances.

7.00 Bones
Brennan and Booth are called upon to investigate a case when the remains of an escaped convict are found in a residential sewer; the couple experiences a very untraditional arrival of their new baby daughter into the world.

8.00 The Closer
Brenda is asked to risk her entire career by testifying in Pope's divorce; a dangerous killer is on the loose after Brenda discovers a dead body with signs of an addiction, and the authorities are having difficulties locating the elusive killer.

9.00 The Closer
Brenda and the rest of the police department must work together in order to find the missing bodies of murdered victims before they can get the chance to search for the demented culprit; Brenda leaves the scene of an accident.

10.00 White Collar
Peter and Neal discover a shady collusion scheme involving power companies that is causing blackouts to plague the city of New York, so the two must switch identities and pretend to be the other in order to put a stop to the power plot.

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