Well, the dating app is limited in that regard. You don’t know someone until you know someone. When you look at someone’s photos and read through their profile, you build a somewhat false image of them in your head. This is natural of course, but just acknowledge that this is your perception of them and it may not align with who they actually are. Again, I cannot stress the importance of meeting someone as soon as possible so you can avoid developing a comprehensive false report of someone in your mind and in your heart. There is nothing worse than catching feelings and being disappointed later because of your misperceptions and expectations were built on a very limited presentation of another person.

Think of dating sites and apps more as introduction sites and not as platforms to build a relationship. As stated before, you exist in the real world and live your life in the world around you, not on your phone or over the internet. People are real and exist in real time, and while meeting someone online and connecting with them later is a convenient way to expand the dating scene and connect singles faster, the internet and online platforms are not the place for relationships to solely exist. At some point, you need to move what you’ve got going on into the real world because that is ultimately where both of you will be. Of course, it is important to note that you should always be safe in your dating journey, whether it be meeting someone off of a dating site for the first time or meeting up with someone you met at a bar one evening. Always ensure that you have your phone if you need to call for assistance or help, and let a family member or close friend know where you are planning to go and who you are planning to meet as a precaution. Try and pick public locations that you are comfortable with as your first date meet up spot too.

Dedicate enough time

Another problem that hinders many people from making that the correct choice is that they do not dedicate enough time. Show that prospective partner that you actually care and that you are the type that dedicates yourself. If you want to get that partner of your choice, you have to spend time and resources. It is not true that at your age that you would no longer enjoy the social life. Social life does not end when you were a youth. It continues even after fifty years of age. You would still have children to take care of and job to maintain, but these should not take time away from you such that you would not devote enough time for your prospective partner. By dedicating and spending time with the prospective partner, it paves the opportunity for the two to have better knowledge and understanding of each other. The issue of compatibility is critical here and you prove that you can truly socialize with the prospective partner.

You must endeavor to balance time between your work, family and the time you spend with your future partner. You may not succeed in your quest if you do not spend time with your partner.

Your discussion with your date

Remember that when you meet your date for the first time, it is not an opportunity to ask what may be considered an embarrassing question. For instance, there is no need to ask how many children she or he has as well as other troubling questions which may not be necessary at that early stage of the relationship. As time goes on, those past lives would begin to reveal itself. It is certain that she must have children and a turbulent marriage live.

It is important that you know that the first date is just for introductory purposes and it is not meant for an interview. If you ask such a question on that first date, it can deter the other person because it can put him or her on the defensive.

The type of things you can discuss that first date should focus on the likes, your interests as well as dislikes. These questions must focus on the issue of compatibility. It is good that you have an understanding of what you looking forward to. Most importantly, you should allow the other partner to contribute and it can pave the way for the true understanding of each other. It is the duty of the man to ask the woman for marriage, and because of that, it is not necessary for the woman to disturb with questions like what he wants from that relationship at that early stage. Moreover, it is advisable that you do not put him into serious pressure or stress during that first meeting.

How to choose the best partner?

Now that you have provided every information and people have started contacting you, or you are contacting prospective partners, how are you going to choose from the multitude of future partners who may like to go with you. Here are certain factors to consider.

Like mindedness as a guide

By now you have a clear estimation of what you want. Because there are thousands of them, it would be practically impossible to make an easy choice. However, you can easily narrow down your choice by putting forward some criteria that can guide you in the choice. Since you have already stated what you are looking for in the profile, it is time to start looking for them. Ensure that the characters you want to contact are those that meet your dating goals. You must take your time to compare the various profiles and check those you are comfortable with. Ensure that you begin to chat with those you think their characters are compatible. What matters most now is the issue of compatibility.

In making your choice, you have to be as cautious as possible. This is why it is recommended that you opt for paid dating sites. Finding that love of that your life may not be easy and it can cost money. You must pay that money to make the correct choice. Because of that, it is advocated that you choose only paid membership site and not a free site. One of the challenges people face is that there are lots of fraudsters and these are always looking for people to exploit. It is necessary that you cover your back. When you are making that search, it is not advisable to use a public computer. It is necessary that you use a private computer. If you decide to use a public computer then ensure that you delete everything including clearing the cache, cookies as well as browsing history. When you do that, it would be difficult for anybody to track or trace what you are doing because such information would be lost in the operating system.

These days there is the problem of romance scams, and you should not allow yourself to fall victim of that scam. If you do not cover your back, chances are there that you can lose money in the process.

Getting ready for the first date

When everything is going well and you are now ready for the date, it is necessary that you appear attractive on that day. Whether you are a man or a woman, the impression you make on that first date matters a lot. Because of that, you must tune up your spirit in readiness for the date. Talking of tuning yourself, there are some important activities that you can engage in which can assist you to get what you want. The first thing that you need to do is to take a hobby. Whether you are a man looking for a woman or you a woman looking for a man, it is important that you take that first date very serious. This implies that you have to take on a new activity. This should be something that can keep your body and your soul together. It is good to meet with people or you can learn a new skill. You can do anything that can enhance your mental ability. When you do that, chances are there that you are going to be smart on your first date.


When you are going out on that your first date, you must go with the correct attire. Do not look like an old man or woman, it is necessary that you put a very good and impressive dress. It is necessary that you equip your bedroom for the dates. As you go on the date, you have to appear unique and great. What you put on your body and what you wear in your foot should be something distinguishing. It is not necessary that you appear very expensive, the most important thing is that you put on something that can bring out your real and true natural color.

If you take a good hobby, it is possible that you get connected to lots of people. The number of people especially the opposite sex you can across increases your chances of getting that life partner you desire. Ensure that you take a hobby that can help your course. For instance, if you are a woman it may be advisable that you take a hobby of kitchen class as well as a reading group and so on. It is necessary that you take a hobby in an area that can assist you in getting what you want.


Moreover, you have to appear healthy and smart. It is recommended that you take to exercise because it can help you to stay fit and healthy. When your prospective partner is convinced that you have radiant health, it can make him or her to accept your proposal easily. There is a need to get active in life and exercising remains the most effective way of achieving that. At your age, you should be familiar with the type of exercise you can comfortably do. There is no need to engage in the type of exercise that can endanger your life. You must be cautious in the exercise. The first date is very important and you must do everything to get the best impression. This is important for everybody including males and females.


Finding love and getting married at the age of fifty and beyond is no longer as difficult as it used to be. There are lots of platforms where you can meet your prospective partner. Online dating sites remain the best option. You can succeed but before you can do that, you must put on the right behavior.