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Thursday, July 31, 2014

6.00 The Middle
The Heck home is literally falling apart, so Frankie and Mike consider moving to an apartment; Axl tries pretending that he is sick in order to not take a test; Sue and her sort-of-ex-boyfriend, Brad, prepare a skit about texting and driving.

6.30 The Middle
Frankie finds her dream of an idyllic, perfect family Thanksgiving thwarted when her boss requires the staff to work on the holiday; Sue's first boyfriend gets approval from her parents; Axl loses Brick in a corn maze, causing panic.

7.00 Two and a Half Men
Charlie reluctantly allows Evelyn to borrow his car in order to impress a client, only to get it back and find a bra in the backseat; Alan begins to feel extremely inadequate when Judith's wealthy new boyfriend befriends Jake with his boat and pool.

7.30 Two and a Half Men
When Chelsea's gorgeous roommate from college undergoes a rough breakup, Chelsea invites her to come and stay at Charlie's place so that she can recover from the event, resulting in Charlie's secret hope that he will get a chance to have a threesome.

8.00 House
A nun on the verge of making her vows forms a bond with Chase during her treatment, and his judgment is compromised when her condition worsens and requires a risky surgery; House and Taub try to stay a step ahead of each other's pranks.

9.00 House
A marriage counselor collapses, but when he is put under close evaluation, the team notices changes in his behavior that conflict with his message; House and his "wife" make a deal to convince Immigration that they are a happily married couple.

10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
When a restaurateur finds that his wife has been sexually assaulted in the eatery's kitchen, the detectives are led to woman whose rape featured matching DNA and a locksmith who was hired by both parties to change their locks.

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