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Sunday, September 21, 2014

7.00 The Closer
After returning from her honeymoon, Brenda quickly suspects that a man who confessed to murder during her absence may not have committed the crime, but she becomes distracted from the case by her mother and troublesome niece.

8.00 Castle
Beckett is assigned to protect a charming, self-made billionaire, forcing her to reflect on her relationship with Castle, and a jealous Castle goes to some extreme lengths to solve the case and separate Beckett from the billionaire.

9.00 Castle
Beckett finds herself literally stuck when she steps on a pressure-sensitive bomb, and the team needs time to figure out a way to disarm the explosive while Castle distracts her with an argument over who fell in love with whom first.

10.00 The Closer
Brenda helps Gabriel prepare for his upcoming detective exam by teaming up with him to sift through several possible suspects in a complicated murder case; Brenda and Fritz consider sending Charlie home after her behavior causes serious problems.

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