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Saturday, August 30, 2014

5.00 The Middle
Frankie and Mike learn that Brick has a talent for modifying machines after he is diagnosed as "socially challenged," and Mike enters a lawnmower contest; Frankie attempts to raise money for new football jerseys, but Axl won't give up his old one.

5.30 The Middle
Frankie finds herself stuck in the middle after Axl breaks down the front door and Mike insists he fix it as punishment; Frankie must sell a car within a week or wear a dog suit out in the lot; Sue takes her school picture.

6.00 Two And A Half Men
When Chelsea's gorgeous roommate from college undergoes a rough breakup, Chelsea invites her to come and stay at Charlie's place so that she can recover from the event, resulting in Charlie's secret hope that he will get a chance to have a threesome.

6.30 Two And A Half Men
Charlie is completely demoralized to discover that he hasn't been pleasing Chelsea in bed as much as he thinks; Alan attempts to solve his problem with thinning hair as frugally as possible before he begins going out on dates.

7.00 SAF3
Texas is fired from the SAF3 team for his wreckless behavior putting lives at risk; Charley resigns as a lifeguard after feeling that he was responsible for someone dying.

8.00 Tapping In: The Happiest People & Places on the Planet
Viewers are presented with an inspirational exploration into the people's state of mind in diverse cultures where contentment is important, happiness trumps assets, and a sense of belonging to a community unites residents.

9.00 Pacific Blue Marlin Tag and Release Tournament
The number five is wild as five boats and five fishermen are given five days in which to catch and release the largest blue marlins they can find off the coast of the big island of Hawaii in a competitive tag and release tournament.

10.00 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Frank is asked to return to work for his old company during a big merger, so he decides to take Charlie as his pupil and assistant during the project; the group's obsessions with upholding a rule at the bar leads to a case of mistaken identity.

10.30 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The group at Paddy's Pub suddenly discovers the virtual world when they become obsessed with computer games, but they struggle with distinguishing between the real world and the virtual world they have grown addicted to.


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