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Saturday, April 19, 2014

5.00 The Middle
After years of answering to the many demands of their children and never having any time for themselves, Frankie and Mike decide to take charge of their lives and the house, but Axl, Sue and Brick plan on putting up a fight for control.

5.30 The Middle
Mike gets upset and freezes Frankie out when she accidentally pays $200 for a small bottle of eye cream; Axl's parenting skills are put to the test by his health class assignment; Sue and Brick try to fix a hole that they made in her bedroom wall.

6.00 Two and a Half Men
When Sandy begins cooking and cleaning obsessively, Charlie warns Alan that his girlfriend is a "nester," but even Charlie can't deny his enjoyment of her cooking; the brothers are horrified when Sandy begins acting like a tyrant at Christmastime.

6.30 Two and a Half Men
Alan gravely overreacts to Jake attending a slumber party, prompting Charlie to see a therapist in order to better understand Alan's undue insecurities; the brothers successfully pick up two inebriated ladies by employing the sob-story method.

7.00 SAF3
A SAF3 team member struggles with the pain from a memory of her father dying in a fire.

8.00 The Proposal
In New York, a publisher from Canada learns she will be deported for an expired visa, but in an effort to stay in America, she forces her assistant to marry her with the promise of a promotion if they can survive his family and an agent's questions.

10.00 The Evan Michael Show
Along with guest interviews and sketch comedy, host Evan Michael welcomes his studio audience and viewers by presenting an upbeat variety showcase that features live music performances from artists, bands and even dancers.


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